Cutting waste costs ‘a priority’ for Mid-Ulster Council

Cllr Brian McGuigan
Cllr Brian McGuigan

Sinn Féin councillor, Brian McGuigan who has recently been appointed Vice-Chairperson of the Mid-Ulster Council’s environment committee has urged local householders and businesses to put a strong emphasis on greater use of their recycling bins and efforts to reduce waste.

Mr McGuigan stated that waste management “represents a significant proportion of the Local Government budget with expenditure across the north of Ireland for the period 2013/2013 amounting to some £159million for waste collection, treatment and disposal.

The representative for Carntogher district electoral area along with his Sinn Féin colleagues will be exploring opportunities for the new council to meet its corporate responsibility in terms of waste reduction and efforts to tackle Climate Change.

Mr McGuigan continued: “It’s my party’s intention to ensure that the new Mid-Ulster Council is a socially responsible organisation committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment. It’s our vision that council becomes an environmental leader, actively introducing positive measures in the management of facilities and delivery of services to enhance the local environment for future generations.

“We believe that council has a corporate responsibility to examine its business activities and lead by example by introducing more sustainable policies wherever possible. Key areas for action include energy usage, water, sustainable procurement and possible pollution.

“One of the big areas of work for council will be choices having to be made regarding how waste management services are delivered in the future. It is important that council retain control of the whole municipal waste process from collection to treatment and disposal.

“I am currently investigating best practice in terms of diverting the many tonnes of perfectly reusable items such as furniture from landfill. The Restore Shop, a bring and buy reuse shop for second-hand household furniture and electrical goods which was opened by Banbridge District Council is one fine example of positive action.

“We all must do our bit to ensure savings for ratepayers in relation to waste management costs.”