Davagh to host ‘night-riders’

A  Night riding event takes place at Davagh Forest on 4th November.
A Night riding event takes place at Davagh Forest on 4th November.

Mountain bike riders are set to be left in the dark by a unique event at Davagh Forest.

That’s because the Davagh Night Enduro, which will be returning to the local mountain bike trails on Saturday 4th November, takes place after the sun goes down.

‘Night riding’ takes place in the winter months, with mountain bikers attaching lights to their helmet, bike or both before taking on the trails in the dark. Night riding increases the level of skill demanded, as well as the fun for riders.

Event organiser Michael Regan said, “Night riding adds an entirely new dimension to mountain biking. The trails we know so well during the day suddenly take on a different feel, and it’s a really enjoyable challenge to try and tackle them in the dark.

“Our last Night Enduro was the first ever to be held in Ireland, and remains the only one of its kind. We had around 100 participants then so we’re hopeful this year’s event will be even bigger.”

Since the trails opened in 2013, Davagh Forest has become a popular destination for mountain bikers and featured recently on the popular UTV show, “Lesser Spotted Journeys”. In addition, it is hoped that Davagh Forest will be developed as a Dark Skies Park with plans to also potentially build several modern glamping pods near to the trailhead.

Ethan Loughrey from MountainBikeNI, an organisation that promotes the mountain bike trails around Northern Ireland, highlighted the unique element of the Davagh Night Enduro. “The fact that this is the only event of its kind happening in Ireland at the minute is really exciting. There’s a great buzz amongst mountain bikers for its return and I have no doubt it will be a fantastic weekend.”

“As the event takes place at night, mountain bikers will be inclined to eat and stay somewhere local after their session on the bikes.”

Whilst this event is for more experienced mountain bikers, Davagh Forest has, in addition to 16km of fast flowing red trail, a skills course and pump track ideal for beginners, as well as 3km of green and 7.5km of blue trails.

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