Debut novel surges into Amazon crime bestsellers

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A DETECTIVE novel by Tyrone Times journalist Anthony Quinn has surged into the top 100 crime fiction books sold on Amazon.

Disappeared, which was nominated for a Strand Literary Award and selected by Kirkus Reviews in the US as one of the ten best crime novels of 2012, raced to number 79 in the crime mystery bestseller lists last weekend after it was selected by Amazon UK as one of its promoted reads during the month of September.

“Every month Amazon picks 100 ebooks from its backlist of about 400,000 titles to promote and recommend to its customers”, said Anthony.

“It was a great coup to have Disappeared selected and the effect on sales was almost instantaneous. The book jumped about 140,000 places in the sales rankings overnight and over the past two weeks has been climbing steadily, eventually breaking into the top 100 crime and mystery books sold by Amazon.

“Disappeared had been selected by Amazon US for a similar promotion in August, which really helped sales in the States.

“However, it is a book set in Northern Ireland in the aftermath of the Troubles, and as such its real readership should lie in Ireland and the UK.”

Anthony said he was inspired to write the book as a response to the recent rise in popularity in Irish crime fiction.

“I’d read some of the recent crime fiction set in the North, but never felt that these books spoke to me about the Northern Ireland I know, its people, who were snared in an extraordinary situation during the Troubles, and its landscape, in particular the Lough Neagh hinterland of Tyrone and Armagh.

“As well as writing a book that was a good read with vivid characters and setting, I wanted to show how a country emerges from the long shadows of the past, as well as examine the current social and political unrest that still perturbs the surface of life here.”

The sequel Border Angels, is due to be published on October 22 by Mysterious Press, and is currently available as a pre-order on Amazon.

“Hopefully the Amazon promotion will introduce new readers to Inspector Celcius Daly just in time for the launch of his second mystery adventure in Border Angels”, said Anthony.

Disappeared is available in local bookstores, and the ebook is currently discounted to £1.29 on Amazon.

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