Derryloran fun bowls

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THE FUN bowls are held each Saturday night and have been in operation for the past 18 years.

The event is non-profit making and as money is accumulated this is given to Charities whose members have benefited from that particular charity.

At the end of December a sum of £2,000 was handed over to various charities.

First to receive a donation of £500 was Norman McCain who chose Friends of Cancer which he passed on to their treasurer.

Next was Raymond Fulton whose selected charity was NHSCT Causeway Hospital, Coleraine, when £500 was given to him to be forwarded to the Hospital charity.

Then a cheque of £500 was handed over to Bill Costello and Derek Reid to Brian McCluskey (who was in attendance) and received the £500 cheque to go to the Chest Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Both Norman and Raymond expressed thanks to the bowlers for their generosity and especially to Olive Kyle the treasurer of the Club.

Brian McCluskey expressed sincere thanks on behalf of Chest Heart and Stroke and gave an outline of the benefits of how a donation such as this would help the charities and emphasised the money would be used for the benefit of NI patients.

Lastly a cheque of £500 was handed over by Bill Costello, Chairman to Canon N. Porteus, for the Parish Treasurer to cover hall expenses such as light and heat.

Canon Porteus expressed thanks on behalf of the Select Vestry and told the members that the money was coming at a suitable time as the Vestry was going to carry out substantial improvements to the Hall, such as new double glazing of the windows and repairs to the roof.