Derrytresk gorse fire hits children's project

Trees that had only recently been placed by a local community group and primary school were destroyed in a gorse fire which took place last week.

Monday, 9th April 2018, 1:06 pm
Updated Monday, 9th April 2018, 1:11 pm

Those responsible for what appears to have been a deliberate fire have been told to ‘grow up and start thinking about other people instead of just themselves’,

Their actions, a local councillor has said, will not stop work to improve the local community from improving the area.

Describing the culprits as ‘idiots’ SDLP Torrent Councillor Malachy Quinn condemned what he said was a second moss fire in Derrytresk which took place on Easter Sunday night.

He also expressed concern for the wildlife, particularly young birds, who would not have been able to escape the blaze,

Speaking about the incident Cllr Quinn said: “For the second time in as many weeks I find myself having to condemn a moss fire in Derrytresk.

“What makes this fire all the more frustrating is that over the last few weeks the local community group along with pupils from Kingsisland PS have been working hard to plant new trees in the area, to help develop it for future projects.

“Sadly some of these trees have now been destroyed by this fire.

“There is no question that this fire was deliberate and those who done it have no regard for the hard work being down by the community, the football club or the school.

“There are also young birds and other animals that would be using the moss for nesting, who would not be able to escape these fires.”

Cllr Quinn continued; “Those responsible for this fire need to grow up and start thinking about other people in the area instead of just themselves.

“The people in the football club and community group are trying their best to improve Derrytresk and actions like these from idiots, while a setback, will not stop that work from continuing.”