Desertcreat college, streets lights and education raise serious concerns in Mid Ulster - McCrea

Desertcreat College
Desertcreat College

DUP Mid Ulster MLA, Ian McCrea has spoken during an assembly debate on the draft budget 2015/16, to highlight concerns regarding the Desertcreat College, the draft Education Budget and street lighting.

Speaking after the Assembly debate, Ian McCrea said: “I expressed my disappointment at the length of time the Desertcreat College project has taken.

“Having pressed both the Finance and Justice Minister time and time again, I made it clear we need answers to find out exactly what is now being proposed for Desercreat College, what services will be delivered, who will use it and whether there is a national or international dimension included. Another assurance sought was whether the money allocated by Treasury for this project was still on the table and I encouraged the Justice Minister to clarify that vital matter.

“In past weeks I have received numerous emails and letters from local school principals, teachers and parents on the draft education budget and I felt it vitally important to raise this matter and request that the Education Minister look again at his priorities as it is crystal clear that if he goes ahead, the ability for principals to run their schools will be compromised.

“I also raised the decision that the Ulster Unionist Minister for Regional Development, Danny Kennedy MLA took to reduce the funding for repairing Street Lighting which has caused a lot of anger within the local community.

The Mid Ulster MLA added: “My offices are inundated with calls from constituents about street lights that are not working and I and my staff endeavour to raise them with transport NI to get them fixed. The reality is that unless the minister changes his mind and reprioritises his budgets we will have much of the same throughout the rest of the Winter period.”