Desertmartin man booked flights home from Australia for Garth Brooks

Stephen Trainor and wife Sarah
Stephen Trainor and wife Sarah

For one fan of Garth Brooks the decision to cancel all five concerts hit him in his pocket as well as shattering his dream to see Garth Brooks live.

Originally from Desertmartin, but now living in Sydney, Australia, Stephen and his wife Sarah had booked flights home to see family and friends before the birth of their first child.

After learning that the concerts would be playing in Croke Park, the couple changed the dates of their flights home and extended their trip home at a cost of $200 Australian dollars ticket, not to mention the loss of cash through extra days off work.

Stephen commented: “I was coming home at that time anyway but when I heard the concerts were on and got tickets, I changed my flights to come home earlier for it. I am home for a month or so.

“It cost me 200 Australian dollars each which wasn’t too bad but still for nothing.”

Stephen continues: “thankfully I have a few things to come home for anyway. Weddings etc.

“As a Garth Brooks fan I was so excited about seeing him. I am very disappointed now but I think he is right standing by all five or nothing. I think the blame is on the council and promoters.”