Do the maths - Stewartstown are world champs!

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Pupils in Stewartstown Primary School are on top of the world as they celebrate becoming world champions in a numeracy challenge recently in Mathletics.

The challenge was offered worldwide to all schools who use Mathletics as a digital tool for teaching and consolidating mathematical skills.

Hundreds of schools across the globe signed up for the challenge, and the school with the highest average participation points per pupil was deemed the winner.

The competition ran for one week in November, seeing students compete in live, multi-player challenges, plus answer paced adaptive maths curriculum questions using the Mathletics platform, which can be accessed through a computer or portable device.

Stewartstown Primary School were clear winners by over 1100 points, with an average pupil score of 6,839.

Ms Bolton, Principal of Stewartstown Primary School, said she was overwhelmed by the wonderful attitude of the pupils and parents alike.

“Everyone embraced the challenge, coming together as a team and really giving it their all. It really did take team work to become the world champions, beating schools across the globe from Dubai, Italy, Qatar, Norway, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK and many more.

“UTV paid the school a visit, and ran a feature on the news showcasing the success of the small country school. Becoming world champions was certainly TV worthy. The school runs an in-house maths challenge every fortnight, so the pupils were no strangers to competition.

“All pupils in P1-P7 have the opportunity to compete, and successes are well-rewarded. The staff feel that such positive encouragement in school, helps every child better themselves academically and builds upon their confidence. It gives them ownership of their learning and allows the parents to be directly involved in their child’s learning.

“The school is leading the way forward in using today’s technological opportunities to promote mathematical knowledge and thinking. Being a small, rural school in the heart of Northern Ireland, Stewartstown Primary is well ahead of the game in education circles.”

Stewartstown Primary School operate an open door policy and would be proud to show visitors around. Please look online for further information.