Dock defendant posts on Facebook

The view from Dungannon courthouse docks which appeared on facebook
The view from Dungannon courthouse docks which appeared on facebook

A defendant has escaped being reprimanded by the courts after he posted a photo of Dungannon courthouse docks on Facebook.

Lee McCausland smuggled a mobile phone into the building while appearing off-bail, and posted the pic, which shows a view from the docks of barristers and solicitors discussing their cases.

It is understood McCausland had been subjected to a rub-down search before the picture was taken.

The case was raised by DUP peer Maurice Morrow at the Northern Ireland Assembly.

According to Justice Minister David Ford, the photograph was taken from the public gallery area and directed through the glass panels of the dock area.

“As the photograph was taken at a time when the court was not in session the Court Service does not intend to take any further action”, he said.

“This photograph was taken several days before Mr McCausland’s case was heard. At that time Mr McCausland was on bail and was not a remand prisoner.

“When he appeared in Court off-bail he was given a rub down search prior to entering the Dock area in accordance with search procedures. When taken from the Courtroom to the holding cells he was again rub-down searched which was followed up by using a hand held electronic search detector.

“PECCS management has reminded staff in all other courthouses of this incident and to be vigilant in respect of small and easily concealable electronic communication devices, during search procedures.”