Doris condemns car break-ins in Coalisland area

A number of car break-ins in the Coalisland area have been strongly condemned by local Sinn Féin councillor Niamh Doris, who called on motorists to take steps to protect themselves.

“A car was broken into and money and items stolen in the Coalisland area last Sunday night from a well-liked and respected family from the area, causing considerable upset and expense to the vehicle owners who had their items stolen,” she said.

“There is no place for this type of behaviour in this society and those responsible should be brought before the courts.”

She added that in addition to this there has been a number of further car break-ins in the Brackaville and Coalisland area over the last number of weeks, with the perpetrators taking money.

“These people who have been targeted are hardworking, law abiding people and do not deserve to be troubled with this type of behaviour, especially in the run up to Christmas,” she added.

She unequivocally condemned the incident and appealed to motorists to take steps to protect themselves from further thefts.