Draperstown woman organising collection of aid to help refugees

(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)
(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

A collection of clothes, tinned food and household items is being organised in Draperstown to help those caught up in the refugee crisis.

The office of the local mental health charity STEPS will be used as the drop-off point for those donating to the collection organised by local woman Brenda Brady.

The STEPS group said the growing crisis has shocked local people.

“I don’t think anyone who has watched the news or read a paper in the last few weeks could fail to be moved by the plight of refugees fleeing the many war torn countries,” said a spokeperson fro the group.

“The images of those poor babies shame us all. Well heres your chance to help, local lady Brenda Brady is organising a collection of practical items needed. STEPS office will be used as a collection point.”

Suggested items for collection...


· Soap

· Toothpaste and toothbrushes

· Binbags (extra strong trash bags)

· Hand sanitizer

· Wet wipes

· Razors

· Deodorant

· Plastic bags

· Plastic bins

· First aid kits/plasters


· Tinned food – tuna, veg etc

· Tin openers

· Non-perishable food (avoid donating lots of pasta)

· Flour

· Oil

· Onions and garlic

· Salt, pepper, spices, tomato sauce and paste,lemon juice

· Water (Bottles with taps are always useful)

· Coffee, tea

· Sugar

· Milk (long-life)

· Sponges, dish soap

Things you might have at home:

· Pans, pots, grills

· Cooking utensils, cups, mugs, plates, bowls,cutlery

· Fire extinguishers

· LED wind up torches

· Umbrellas

· Tools, including hammers

· Wood - for construction and firewood

· Duct tape

· Books (different languages), including multi-lingual dictionaries

· Footballs, tennis sets, bats and balls

· Radio (and batteries) / wind up radios

· Playing cards, card games, board games, dominoes, Pens, notebooks, paper

· Art materials

· Bicycles: helping Calais Migrant Solidarity’s activists to follow on police abuse and improve the migrant’s moving capacity (bicycle paraphernalia as well -pumps, lights, locks, repair kits, etc)

Clothes etc:

· Men’s clothes

· Men’s underwear

· Blankets

· Sleeping bags

· Tents

· Socks

· Men’s shoes - sizes 6 to 11 (trainers or walking)

· Men’s clothes - sweatshirts, jackets,trousers, socks (think camping!)

· Backpacks