Drunk driver was changing wheel at McDonald’s drive-thru in Cookstown

Drink driving charge
Drink driving charge

A drunk driver who used the drive-thru lane at a MacDonald’s has been disqualified from driving for eighteen months.

Peter McElhatton, 27, from Bardahessiagh Road, Pomeroy appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

The court heard how in the early hours of August 28, staff at Cookstown’s MacDonald’s raised the alarm after observing the defendant on the premises of the resturant.

When police arrived at the scene they found the defendant trying to change a tyre in the car park. The court was told that McElhatton appeared unsteady on his feet, his eyes were glazed, and his breath smelled of alcohol.

When police tested the defendant they found a lower reading of 80mcg of alcohol.

The defence solicitor told the court that McElhatton had been drinking in a local bar, and had driven approximately 400m to the fast-food outlet.

Judge John Meehan also fined him £200.