Dungannon Councillor expresses concern over electoral register errors

Cllr Phelim Gildernew
Cllr Phelim Gildernew

Councillor Phelim Gildernew, leader of the Sinn Féin grouping on Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council has expressed alarm at the number of mistakes contained within the Electoral Register issued in the run up to the forthcoming local and European elections.

The former Mayor states; “Once again we are experiencing a large number of unexplained anomalies on the Register. We have been contacted by constituents who have been arbitrarily removed from the Register despite forwarding the correct paperwork to the Electoral Office ahead of the relevant deadlines. Indeed we are aware of cases where forms for an entire family have been completed yet one or more members of that family are not on the Register.”

Cllr Gildernew has asked people to use the arrival of polling cards as an opportunity to check that everyone who is entitled to vote, including those working, or studying, away from home are on the electoral register to claim their democratic entitlements.

Voters should also be aware that in this election there have been changes made in relation to polling station locations so everyone should check their polling card to identify where they are voting this time around.

Cllr Gildernew concludes; “People in this area are acutely aware of the struggle to achieve voting rights, and as a result they are concerned when the system seems to make exercising the right to vote more difficult. “I would urge everyone to safeguard their democratic entitlements. Anyone who needs assistance or advice on these issues can contact one of our advice centres or any of their local Sinn Féin representatives.”