Dungannon drink driver continued to down vodka in car after police were called

Drink driving charge
Drink driving charge

A Dungannon driver was so drunk that a member of the public felt compelled to block his car so that he could not drive away.

Kalas Janusz, 50, from Altmore Drive, was sentenced to three months in prison by District Judge John Meehan.

East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court heard how the defendant pulled into a shop on Quarry Lane on the morning of November 13.

His driving was so poor that a member of the public pulled in behind him to stop him driving away.

Police arrived and took him to Dungannon station where he provided a sample four times the legal limit. he told police he had been out to 5am celebrating the birth of his grandson.

Mr Jarlath Faloon, defending, told the court that his client - a father of four - worked in a local factory. He asked that the court not jeopardise that employment by sending him to jail.

A concerned member of the public had to block his car as he continued to drink while the police were called

“He went driving with a bottle of vodka in the car,” Judge Meehan responded. “A concerned member of the public had to block his car as he continued to drink while the police were called.

“This was within two months of his disqualification for drink driving.

“This is a truly exceptional offence ... and can only be dealt with by a prison sentence. The court must be prepared to back up one’s orders.

“On September 25th he was dealt with by this court yet here he is in a most egregious specimen that I have come across in some time.

“This was the most demonstrable incompetence of driving ... and he brazenly continued to drink (the vodka) as he waited for the police to arrive.

“It is intolerable to conceive of your driving again on public roads,” he concluded.

In addition to three sentences of three months’ imprisonment which were ordered to run concurrently, Judge Meehan handed down a four-year driving disqualification as well as an offender’s levy of £25.