Dungannon man convicted after tailgating off-duty police officer


A DUNGANNON man who tailgated an off-duty policeman as he made his way along the M1 motorway, and then proceeded to “bully” other traffic out of his way, has been banned at the local Magistrates Court.

Twenty-six year-old Glazias Igoris, from Windmill Mews, pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous driving arising out of the incident, which came to light at around lunch time on September 5 past.

The court heard an off-duty police officer was making his way to work in Dungannon along the motorway and was in the outside lane when he noticed a grey BMW approach behind him at speed.

According to a prosecuting lawyer: “The vehicle (BMW) was being driven very closely behind the officer’s car and the officer felt the distance between both vehicles was dangerously close.”

The prosecutor explained that it was the officer’s opinion that Igoris was trying to force him out of the way by driving closely behind him.

When the officer moved to allow Igoris to pass, he continued to observe the BMW which then encountered more traffic in the overtaking lane.

Igoris then sat behind another vehicle and attempted to “bully” the driver out of the way, the prosecutor told the court.

“The BMW was tailgating every car it met on the motorway, and it appeared that he was bullying other cars out of the way.”

The police officer continued to follow Igoris as he left the motorway, and saw him “cutting up” traffic on the Stangmore roundabout as he drove in the direction of Dungannon Town Centre.

Igoris then stopped at a green light, causing other traffic to negotiate around him.

During an interview with police, Igoris claimed he was “encouraging” the other drivers to move out of his way, rather than “bullying” them.

When asked about his actions on the roundabout, Igoris said he thought he could use any lane, and in regard to stopping at a green light, Igoris tsaid he was picking up a friend.

Igoris’ lawyer said he was in a hurry to sort out insurance and return to work. A one year driving ban and a fine of £200 were imposed.