Dungannon man had drugs hidden in his underwear


A Dungannon man who was found with drugs in his underwear has been charged with possession of a Class A controlled drug and possession of a Class B controlled drug.

Michael Hughes, 25, of Coash Road, Dungannon admitted the charges at East Tyrone Magistrates Court relating to an incident on 3rd November 2011.

A court was told of how police were on patrol on the Oaks Road, Dungannon when they parked nearby to a car where the passenger in the car appeared to slum down in his seat, and appeared to hide from police,

Police observed as both the defendant who was in the passengers seat and the driver got out of the car and appeared to abandon it.

Police pursued and caught up with the defendant, they located a small amount of white powder in a tissue. Mr Hughes was taken to Dungannon custody suite where a strip search was carried out.

Police found a quantity of cannabis in the defendant’s underwear during the search. A tin of extra mints were also found and once examined sixteen round green tablets were found inside with a logo on one side of them.

Examinations carried out on the tablets found them to contain ecstasy.

Mr Hughes admitted that the cannabis and the ecstasy tablets were his and that they were for his own personal use.

He denied any involvement in the supply of drugs.

A defence solicitor for Mr Hughes said that his client had been the victim of a serious assault at the age of 19 which caused him and his family to relocate to Dungannon.

He also told the court that his client had lost a close friend in a car accident which also had an effect on his life.

The solicitor told the court that now with the help and assistance from his family he is clean from drugs, he added that his client offers no justification or excuse for his involvement in this incident.

District Judge John Meehan ordered Mr Hughes to pay a fine of £100 for possession of the class A drug and £100 for the possession of the Class B drug.

He was also ordered to pay a further £15 offender levy and a destruction order was enforced for the drugs seized.