Dungannon man told police “you can’t touch me” during incident in Taxi office

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A Dungannon man has pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and obstructing police.

Bruno Parente, 38, of Windmill Heights, Dungannon was charged with the offences in relation to an incident at a taxi office in Scotch Street, Dungannon on December 8, last year.

A court heard how police were called to deal with a group of males causing bother in a taxi office. When police arrived the defendant was face to face with another male, appearing as if they were about to fight, An officer intercepted the two men, and asked the defendant to move back, he shouted. “What the f**k, I didn’t do anything, you can’t touch me.” The defendant kept trying to get at the other male and police again tried to calm him down but he kept shouting, and went up to one of the officers face saying “You can’t touch me”.

A defence solicitor for Mr Parente said his client had no recollection of the incident. He was fined £215.