Dungannon man who knelt in the road told police, ‘I’m Batman’

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A Dungannon man who knelt in the road outside a number of bars in Irish Street, told police he was Batman, the local court has heard.

Details of the incident involving Conal Keogh, 22, from Coalisland Road, were relayed to the court by a prosecuting lawyer who said a police patrol saw the defendant dancing in the middle of the road at around 2am on July 26.

Keogh appeared to be taking “great delight” in stopping the traffic, the prosecutor added, and when police used a tannoy system to tell him to leave, Keogh made a rude finger gesture towards them.

When the officers tried to remove him from the road, Keogh “lashed out” and later told them his name was “Batman and Spiderman”.

Keogh’s lawyer said a friend of the defendant later told him how he had behaved. Keogh was “embarrassed” and “ashamed” by the incident. District Judge, John Meehan, sentenced Keogh to 200 hours of community service.