Dungannon PSNI issue warning as 15 cars had valuables on display


Police have urged members of the public not to leave valuables in their cars when unattended.

During a beat of Dungannon town centre, officers noted 15 cars with valuables left on display, police will now be writing out to these owners to ask them to be more careful in the future and to get them to help themselves and take the necessary steps to prevent becoming a victim of crime.

A number of items were clearly visible in cars which were parked in Dungannon town centre, including a wrapped present, an Ipod and charge, a purse and makeup bag, an electronic device, a sat nav, a handbag, binoculars, a laptop and Ipad, a trolley Jack and tennis rackets, a camera tripod, documents with personal details on display, a mobile phone, a bag and stereo, medical notes and money.

It is important to protect any valuables left in your vehicle. It is often the case that a thief seizes upon an opportunity to steal valuable items from an unattended, parked vehicle. If thieves can see it - they can steal it. Leaving valuables on view in your vehicle is like an open invitation to opportunist thieves. If they see something valuable on view, they will simply break the window to get it. You only have to leave your vehicle for a short time for a thief to act.

By taking simple precautions such as locking valuable items in the boot of your car, or removing the faceplate from your in-car stereo system you can help ensure that your valuables will be kept safe. An empty bag may still attract attention even where nothing of value is present. Taking just a few moments can significantly improve your chances of not becoming a victim of this type of crime. Improved car security features such as alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices can also help protect your vehicle and your valuables.

It is up to everyone to play a part in stopping thefts from vehicles because it is preventable if everyone takes responsibility for safeguarding their own property and that of their neighbours.

This simple checklist will help you to keep your vehicle secure.

• NEVER leave valuables in plain sight. Always take them with you or lock away in the boot.

• If you have a sat nav – make sure that it is locked away out of view and that the sucker marks are cleaned away from the windscreen.

• Any handbags – should never be left within the vehicle if at all possible, and if they are they should be locked in the boot; however you should ensure that no one has seen you leaving it there.

Remember if you see suspicious activity report it immediately to the Police.