Dungannon security alert: Mullen condemns 'pipe bomb' attack on man's car

Police cordon at Fairmount Park area of Dungannon
Police cordon at Fairmount Park area of Dungannon

The attack on a man's car in Dungannon which has seen a large area cordoned off while ATO deal with the 'pipe bomb' left inside, has been condemned by SDLP councillor Denise Mullen.

It is understood the man discovered that the window of his car had been broken and the device left inside, after he left to go to work this morning.

ATO have been at the scene for much of today, and at 5pm the device had still not been removed from the Fairmount Park area of town.

Hitting out at the attack, Cllr Denise Mullen said: "It's a disgrace that a man going about his every day business has been targeted in this way.

"Police said they don't know if the device is viable, but I would like to commend ATO on the great work they did today.

"I would also like to thank police for trying to accommodate local workers who have had their vehicles cordoned off since the device was discovered this morning." It is still unclear who the suspected target was, but our source said the device should be removed by 5.30pm for examination.