Dungannon teenager caught at 90mph was ‘rushing to gig in Cookstown’

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A restricted-driver from Dungannon was clocked at 90mph as he tried to get to a gig in Cookstown, a court has heard.

The teenager, who cannot be named because of his age, was stopped between the two towns around 11pm on March 18. The R-driver was doing twice his speed limit.

Mr Ruairi Maguire, defending, told the court that his client - a student - required his licence as he travels daily for his studies.

He further said that the defendant also played a number of gigs around the country and loss of his licence would interfere with that employment.

Mr Maguire admitted that it had been a very high speed and his client apologised for it.

“The offence is weighing very heavily on his mind ... this is the only time any member of his family has been in court,” Mr Maguire told the court.

“It was a last minute request from a bar in Cookstown to play. They had been let down by an act and he stepped in. Unfortunately he didn’t allow enough time to get there and was speeding.”

Handing down three points and a fine of £100, Deputy District Judge Peter King said: “This is the first and, I hope, the last time that you will find yourself in this position.”