Dungannon tenant’s anger over ‘longstanding’ mould issue in Housing Executive house

The mould in the celing in the bathroom at the home in Breaside, Dungannon. INTT4913-112ar.
The mould in the celing in the bathroom at the home in Breaside, Dungannon. INTT4913-112ar.

A tenant living in a Housing Executive (H.E) owned property in Dungannon has spoke of their anger following a problem with ‘mould’ on their ceiling which they claim the H.E will not repair.

The concerned resident, who lives in the Braeside area of the town and did not wish to be named, told the TIMES the ‘mould problem’ on the bathroom ceiling in the house has been there for around ‘six to eight years’.

The resident told the TIMES that they are becoming increasingly concerned as the problem ‘seems to be getting worse.’

“The ceiling is very, very black, and we have been living here for around six to eight years now and I have been nagging at the Housing Executive to get this done and to fix the problem but it hasn’t happened.” they told the TIMES.

The householder added: “It has start to smell and I had a representative from the housing executive out and I asked them are they going to do something about it and they keep saying no.

“They have told me to rub bleach on it but I was worried as the bleach could go into my eyes as I try to put it on the ceiling. My two children also have asthma so the problem is dangerous for them too.”

The Housing Executive confirmed to the TIMES that a maintenance team member had called with the tenant on Tuesday 26th November.

In a statement from a representative at the Housing Executive, they said: ”Upon thorough investigation our Maintenance Officer concluded the problem reported is one of condensation as a result of poor ventilation in the rooms affected.

“The property has been fitted with PVC double glazed windows containing trickle vents which are not opened resulting in water running down the windows.

In the bathroom we have put in an extractor fan to support its ventilation.

“During the visit our Maintenance Officer provided detailed information to the tenant on how to prevent condensation and the actions necessary to prevent reoccurrence.”

The Housing Executive also confirmed that their Maintenance Officer had agreed verbally and in writing on 26 November to call with the tenant at 10am on Thursday 5 December 2013 for a follow up visit.

However, when he arrived to check on the actions advised there was no one at home.