DUP councillor says SF won’t silence him

A DUP Mid Ulster councillor has said the Sinn Féin controlled council is not being serious about tackling the issue of consuming intoxicating liquor in designated places in Dungannon and Coalisland.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 11:00 am
Cllr Clement Cuthbertson

Councillor Clement Cuthbertson accused Sinn Fein of preventing him moving his motion at the monthly meeting last Thurday. He claimed it wasn’t the first time this had happened.

“My motion, which was about Council by-laws on the consumption of intoxicating liquor in designated places, needs to be addressed. We all know of the problems in Railway Park and Windmill Wood,” he said.

“Unfortunately, our Sinn Fein controlled Council are clearly not prepared to take the lead on tackling these issues. This is evident as a motion I had previously brought regarding Railway Park was also binned. I will not be silenced on these, or indeed any other matters.”