DUP unveil new Cookstown councillor after Ian McCrea resigns

Wilbert Buchannon and Ian McCrea
Wilbert Buchannon and Ian McCrea

Wilbert Buchannon will take the DUP seat in Cookstown council vacated by Ian McCrea last week.

Mr McCrea announced his resignation from his role as a councillor, in line with party policy on dual mandates, as he also serves as an MLA for Mid Ulster.

“It is with sadness that I will resign my seat on Cookstown District Council at Midnight on Monday 23rd December 2013,” said Mr MCrea.

“It has been an honour to represent the people of Cookstown for the past 12 and a half years on Cookstown Council, a position that has made me the person I am today and gave me a sound base to build my political career from the ground up and one that I owe a great debt of gratitude to all my colleagues on Cookstown Council, especially Cllrs Maureen Lees and Sam McCartney as well as the officers and staff who have worked closely with me over these years.

“Throughout my journey on Council I had the opportunity to hold the office of Vice Chairman of the Council in 2006/07, but the greatest privilege of all was becoming the Chairman of Cookstown District Council in 2007/08 a position that I held with great pride and with every ounce of my body represented the people of the district in carrying out my duties.”

He thanked the people of Cookstown who voted him into the council, but said he would continue serve the area in his role as assembly member.

“I am delighted to announce that my replacement is Mr Wilbert Buchannon who will take my place from Tuesday 24 December 2013. I wish him well and look forward to working closely with him as well as Maureen and Sam in representing the DUP on Cookstown District Council,” Mr McCrea added.