A week in the life of someone on work experience.

WHEN the teachers at school first told the lower sixth year about work experience many thoughts raced through my head. As I had a few careers in mind I began to think of possible places to go. As the school term progressed I was able to arrange to visit three different places on the week of my work experience. The week that we had talked so much about quickly came around.

On the Monday and Tuesday I went to Cookstown High School to shadow a history teacher. After informing the office staff that I had arrived, I waited nervously at the reception. A history teacher then arrived and introduced himself as Mr. Henderson. He gave me a quick tour, showing me to the history block. I then met another history teacher Mr. Hamilton.

During the two days I would sit in their history classes. Throughout Monday and Tuesday I was able to walk around in the classes and assist the pupils in their work. I helped them complete activities and was involved in group discussions. This gave me a chance to experience teaching from a teachers point of view. The teachers were really helpful and gave me advice on teaching which I am very thankful for.

After having successfully enjoyed the first two days of my work experience I hoped the next three days would also be as good.

On the Wednesday I went back to my old primary school. I found the school very different in that many renovations had been made. However it still had the same welcoming atmosphere. For the day I was in the P6 + P7 class. I assisted the pupils with drawings, completing R.E worksheets and listening to poems. We also had discussions about when I had been a pupil at Kilross. It was very rewarding to know that I was able to help the pupils.

I had arranged to go to the Mid Ulster Mail Office in Cookstown on Thursday and Friday. This gave me the opportunity to shadow journalists in the newsroom. I was introduced to the editor and he showed me the process of how articles are written and how they are added into the paper. From this I learned how essential computers are in the make-up of newspapers. I was able to learn about the paper system on the computer and how this allows journalists to do their jobs from their desk. During the work placement I was also given the opportunity to write an article on ‘my life as a twin’. This was a great experience in which I witnessed journalism first-hand.

My week of work experience was very rewarding for me and I really enjoyed everything I did. It allowed me to see what the world of work is like. I really appreciate the kindness of all the employers who allowed me to come to each work place.