Cookstown pupils work with their European friends

THE staff and pupils of Cookstown Primary School were recently delighted to learn that they have been selected to take part in a new European Project.

Over the next two years, the staff and pupils of Cookstown Primary School will be working alongside pupils from six other European countries, on an exciting project entitled ‘Journey in a Fairytale World’.

In November, the teachers from all seven schools came together in Kazanluk in Bulgaria to discuss how the project could be developed during the course of the forthcoming academic year. Mrs Elizabeth Lennox and Mr Neil Downing from Cookstown Primary School represented Northern Ireland at the meeting and were delighted when it was decided that Cookstown would play host to teachers from all of the schools and that eight pupils from Cookstown would have the opportunity to act as Comenius Ambassadors at an International Conference in Spain.

The project aims to introduce younger children from all seven countries to fairytales from across Europe. As well as listening to and learning the fairytales from the different countries the children will have the opportunity to make dolls and puppets which will help them to re-tell the stories. At the first meeting in Bulgaria, the teachers from each school exchanged books to use as a resource prior to working together to plan how the project could improve the educational experience of all of he children involved.

The schools will work together to create a new website to showcase the work that they are collaborating on and hope to use new technology to communicate with each other on a regular basis. In Cookstown Primary School the staff and pupils have already begun to create a ‘fairytale nook’ where younger pupils can go to learn more about the culture and traditions of the other countries involved in the project.

Over the next two years, staff and pupils from Cookstown Primary School will have the opportunity to visit their partner schools in Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. During the course of these visits the staff and pupils will have the chance to tell people about our province, while learning more about life in other EU countries.

Mr Downing said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for both staff and pupils. We are looking forward to finding out more about the culture and traditions of the countries that we are partnered with and cannot wait to welcome our new friends to Northern Ireland in June 2013.”