Crievagh Primary School vow to fight to the last against closure

Crievagh PS
Crievagh PS

Crievagh Primary School have vowed to ‘fight to the last’ against a development proposal to close the school with effect from next year.

According to the proposal published this week from the Southern Education and Library Board, “It is proposed that Crievagh Primary School, Cookstown will close with effect from 31 August 2015 or as soon as possible thereafter.”

rincipal of Crievagh PS, George Cullen told the MAIL: “The vibrant Crievagh school community will be fighting this to the last with the hope of being able to revoke it in relation to the Minister.

“Even though the proposal is made at the minute it is not a decision and the decision ultimately rests with the Minister and we are very hopeful that the Minister will look at our situation at this moment in time.”

In contrast to the proposal for Crievagh Primary School, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown received some good news that a proposal has been made to increase the long term enrolment at the school to 1300 pupils by 2025.

Speaking to the MAIL, Principal of Holy Trinity College, Isabel Russell said: “It is absolutely fantastic news, and I know I have to pay tribute to obviously the College and the Board of Governors, as well as previous principals who have worked so hard to get a new school for Cookstown.

“Certainly, since I have come into the role, we have all been involved in making sure this dream becomes a reality.

“The increase to 1300 pupil population is needed, we have calculated our own numbers which are in agreement with CCMS, so we know the population is there. Even at this stage, we know there is just over 1000 children who have started the school as of this week and even finding the room for them is quite daunting at times but we know we can manage it. We have a great team of people here and we know with everybody’s support we will be able to do it. “But certainly we are hoping that the Minister of Education will approve this development proposal as soon as possible so we can go to tender and get ready for architects and everyone else.

“It is a terrific opportunity for the whole area, and it will be an opportunity to ensure that all young people within the Cookstown area will be guaranteed admission. As a non-selective school, we will have an excellent opportunity now to cater for every child, with a potential new build and state of the art facilities as well as enhanced learning and teaching, we are confident that they will receive a first class quality education,” Mrs Russell concluded.