Excellent set of results from Rainey GCSE pupils

THE GCSE results at Rainey Endowed have once again been excellent.

Eighteen-per-cent of all passes were at A* grade and 53 per cent at A*/A grade. Ninety-seven per cent of all examinations were passed at a standard of A*-C grade. Almost half of the year group (46%) had at least 6A*/A grades.

Six pupils obtained 10A*/A grades - Catherine Drain, Samuel Hawe, Ruth Junkin, Alison McLean, Sara-Louise Smyth. Amy Thompson (10A*). Seventeen pupils obtained 9A*/A grades - Lauren Atkinson, Zara Bell, Nathan Currie, Catherine Evans, Caitlin Gilchrist-Millar, Ruth Kempton, Rebekah Linton, Sam McCalmont, Anne McGrogan, Aimee McKay, Nicole McLean. Joanna Montgomery, Cameron Noble, Sarah Louise O’Hagan, Zara Rowe, Erin Steele, George Turkington.

Seven pupils obtained 8A*/A grades - Robyn Chambers, Paul Ferson, Ellen Fields, Shea Gallagher, Naomi Hughes, Catherine Hunter. Stephen Lennox.

Eleven pupils obtained 7A*/A Grades - Ellen Carson, Aisling Donnelly, Jade Elliott, Michael Fulton, Mark Kavanagh, Catherine Matterson, Luke McAllister, Stephen McAuley, David McClelland, Aymen McGoniglel, Claire Mulholland.

Six pupils obtained 6A*/A Grades - Caoimhin Callan, Thomas Carleton, Grace Kelso, Stepben Kelso, Matthew Kerr, Matthew McCready.

This is a wonderful display of the ability of the pupils. Pupils of Year 12 should be proud of their achievements and of the credit they are to the school. The school would also recognise that pupils work in collaboration with the staff of Rainey who always seek to serve each individual’s best interests. Congratulations to the pupils, staff and parents who work in partnership to achieve such high achievement.