Hearty Lives pays warning visit to High School pupils

no smoking day-cookstown high school
no smoking day-cookstown high school

A COOKSTOWN health group recently visited the town’s High School as part of No Smoking Day in order to reach smokers who want to quit.

Hearty Lives Cookstown, which supports those trying to give up smoking as well as educating those who may be tempted to take up the habit, gave a presentation to pupils of Cookstown High to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking.

One in four people in Northern Ireland smokes- and seven out of 10 of those who do smoke wish to quit.

Staff from Hearty Lives delivered their message during morning assembly to pupils, illustrating the damaging effects of smoking on their health. Pupils were then provided with smoking prevention and cessation information from a stand which included provision of literature and visual aids during break times giving pupils and staff the opportunity to learn more and ask questions.

Hearty Lives Cookstown, a partnership between British Heart Foundation (BHF) Northern Ireland, Cookstown District Council, Northern Health and Social Care Trust and the Public Health Agency, said it aims to reduce deaths and hospital admissions from Coronary Heart Disease.

For advice on local Stop Smoking Services contact on 0808 8128008 or Hearty Lives Cookstown, Heart Health Educator, Bronagh McEldowney on 028 8676 2205. You can also visit www.want2stop.info and www.wequit.co.uk for advice on how to quit.