Prize day for Castledawson pupils

FAMILY, friends and pupils of Castledawson Primary School celebrated another successful year last Friday with the annual prize giving.

As the guests arrived they were entertained by musical items, then the principal Mrs Kissick welcomed Archdeacon and Mrs McLean, Andrew McIlroy, guest speaker; and Garry Galway, Chairman of the Board of Governors as well as the governors and parents.

Rachel Cole and Nicola Chambers introduced the Powerpoint presentation featuring the P7 children and the highlights of their school year.

Afterwards Rebecca and Victoria Ewing read a Bible passage and Faith Colgan opened in prayer. Laura Gregg, runner-up in the Royal Mail’s Young Letter Writer of the Year competition read out her winning letter and Alexander Greer-Sayer played the piano solo ‘Sicilienne.’

Zara Stewart, winner of the school’s Reading Aloud competition, read her winning entry and Lauren Jones and the Primary 7 girls sang ‘My Jesus, My Saviour.’

Mrs K McLean congratulated the children on their success and presented the Primary 7 children with their Records of Achievement, ICT Accreditation Certificates and Cycling Proficiency badges and certificates. Other prizes were then presented.

Mr Galway praised the children for their achievements and thanked Archdeacon McLean for his huge contribution to Castledawson Primary School over the years, wishing him and Mrs McLean a long and happy retirement.

Mrs Kissick reiterated his sentiments and gifts were presented to Archdeacon and Mrs McLean.

After the special guest Andrew McIlroy spoke to the children, the choir sang and Archdeacon McLean closed in prayer.