Effectively tackling prolific offenders


REDUCING Offending in Partnership, a Northern Ireland wide approach to managing priority or prolific offenders, is delivering results in G District, which covers the Magherafelt area.

The partnership between the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Prison Service and the Youth Justice Agency aims to tackle prolific offenders who commit crime such as robberies, burglaries or thefts and who impact most upon the community.

Commenting on the approach Detective Sergeant Björn O’Brien said: “Here in G District the Reducing Offending Unit currently manages 35 offenders. These individuals could be at various stages of the process. A number may have been sentenced, some will be on remand, others will be on bail and the remainder will be monitored under ROP within the community or on licence.

“By sharing information and maintaining daily contact with partners, offenders are managed more effectively. The fact that one officer is assigned to the offender assists in this process. That officer will be aware of the offender’s history; they will attend all court proceedings relating to the person; make representation for bail conditions; ensure bail checks happen and meet with representatives from other agencies to discuss progress and options.”