Elattar welcomes £3m boxing investment

MAGHERAFELT Sinn Fein Councillor Catherine Elattar has welcomed the £3m investment by the Sinn Féin Arts & Culture Minister Caral Ní Chuilin. The investment follows the great success of the Irish boxers in the Olympic Games.

“This is very welcome news and I would like to congratulate the minister for finding funds to invest in a sport which we manage to excel in despite it being seriously underfunded for decades,” she said.

“When you see Olympic medal winners coming from clubs that don’t even have the most basic of facilities, such as toilets, running water, heating or changing facilities it puts the need for this investment beyond question.

“Boxing always has been and continues to be a sport that is accessible to all levels of society here, it gives opportunities to young men and women from disadvantaged backgrounds to whom many other sports are not an option due to the cost of participation. It can quite literally be a life-saver for young people and can give them a sense of self-worth and achievement and an opportunity to find discipline and structure.

“It has also been a sport that has transcended sectarian divides, even through the worst of the troubles here and continues to have an important role to play as we look towards continued cohesion and integration of our communities in the north.”