Election in Mid Ulster: UUP want better business links in education

Mid Ulster MLA Sandra Overend.
Mid Ulster MLA Sandra Overend.

UUP Westminster candidate in Mid-Ulster, Sandra Overend, has called on Ministers to improve links between Government Departments to improve the prospects for young people.,

She also said she wanted to see better cooperation between businesses and education providers to ensure that young people are given the skills and opportunities to secure and stay in suitable and sustainable jobs.

“This major boost in jobs [from the Devolution of Corporation Tax] will require a major shot in the arm for skills and training.

“However, the failure of the Department for Enterprise, Trade and Investment and the Department for Employment and Learning to collaborate and work together to improve the skills of our young people, particularly skills which will enable them to secure suitable and sustainable careers in dynamic and changeable working environments.

“Government needs to ensure that these highly specialised jobs are filled by properly qualified and skilled workers who can adapt to changing working environment and succeed at the top. This will benefit the businesses, but will also be a major boost for local people and their families at a time when we are coming out of a major economic downturn.”