Electrical industry calls for licensing scheme

THE Northern Ireland electrical contracting industry has today launched a campaign to highlight the need for a licensing scheme for all workers including those in Mid-Ulster.

SparkSafe, an initiative by Electrical Training Trust, is aimed at promoting the benefits of employing qualified and licensed electrical workers. The system will help electrical contractors and clients to make an informed choice about the quality and standard of electrical workers based upon qualifications and competence. ETT estimates there are around 3000 qualified electricians in Northern Ireland but are concerned that without an accredited licensing scheme anyone can trade as an electrician and, in doing so, put unsuspecting clients at risk from work not meeting current electrical safety standards.

Central to the operation of the SparkSafe licensing scheme will be the development of a website where all electrical workers will be invited to register and detail their qualifications, experience and skills.

Information on the website - www.sparksafeltp.org - will then be made available to commercial and public sector clients to enable them to check the credentials of individual electrical workers, whether they are working on their own or as part of a team provided through an electrical contractor.

For further information log on to www.sparksafeltp.org.