Eleven abortions carried out in area

Eleven abortions were carried out in the Northern area.
Eleven abortions were carried out in the Northern area.

ELEVEN abortions were carried out on pregnant women in the Northern Trust area which covers Cookstown and Magherafelt from 2012 to 2013, figures show.

This is in stark contrast to two performed in the Southern area, according to the statistics released by the Department of Health.

Last year, only three terminations were carried out in the Northern Area while the previous year - 2010/2011 - saw 12 performed.

A total of 13 abortions were performed in the Belfast area from 2012/2013, 17 in the South-Eastern area and eight terminations in the western area.

Late last year, fears of an ‘abortion clinic’ opening in Dungannon prompted a pro-life campaign organised by Precious Life. Critics claim that a clinic in the town could carry out as many as 25 abortions a week. According to the department the abortions were performed within legally acceptable and medically approved conditions.

Unlike the rest of the UK abortion is only allowed in restricted circumstances. Abortions are carried out here only to preserve the life of the mother or if continuing the pregnancy would have other serious, permanent side-effects.