Email said couple were having ‘great time’

WHEN he checked his emails on Friday evening Justin McCartan hoped it would take his mind off the grief he was feeling at the death of his close friend’s wife Michaela.

But an email sent from John McAreavey last Sunday night, the day before his wife’s murder, would only add to the horror of the unbelievable events last week on a tropical paradise island.

“John had sent me an email to ask how I was getting on with the electrical work I was doing for them in the house,” said Justin. “He asked how everyone was getting on at home. And he said they were having a great time on their honeymoon. It was heartbreaking to read.”

The following afternoon Michaela was murdered after returning to her room, leaving John by one of the hotel’s poolside restaurants, to get biscuits she had brought from home. Her new husband found her dead body slumped in the bath a short time later.

Fellow footballer James McDermott said there is a deep sense of numbness within the team. “We organised the mass on Friday because there is just a general feeling of helplessness within the club,” said James.

“The chapel was packed out. It was very emotional. The future will be tough but we will all be there for John.”