Mid Ulster people are the best at recycling in Northern Ireland


People in Mid Ulster are the best at recycling in Northern Ireland according to new statistics released by Department of the Environment.

But as well as posting the highest recycling rate in the North, the district also comes top for the amount of household waste sent to compost.

And both figures, at 53 and 32 per cent respectively, put the area well above the NI average of 45%.

This means council is well on course to meet targets set by the EU where all councils must achieve a 50% recycling rate by 2020.

Chair of the council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Christine McFlynn, has praised local people for their efforts.

“This is a significant achievement for Mid Ulster and a credit to local people who are making the most of their blue and brown bins, as well as other recycling facilities,” she said.

“Of course, we can always do more, particularly in the area of reducing the amount of waste we create in the first place, and re-using materials where we can”.

Even though council posted the best results for recycling between July and September, it seems we are also churning out the largest quantity of waste per household at 378kg.

However, it is thought this may be because Mid Ulster has the largest average household size of the 11 councils.