Missed-out Ardboe residents will finally get a brown bin

Brown bins
Brown bins

Ardboe residents who were missed when brown bins were distributed by the legacy Cookstown Council will finally be brought into line with the rest of the district.

Those living on Kilycolpy Road should expect to receive their new brown bins from the start of April.

Welcoming the news, SDLP Torrent Councillor Malachy Quinn said: "I was contacted by a number of houses on the Kilycolpy road in Ardboe who complained that they never received a brown bin from the council.

"After getting touch with officials I welcome the decision by Mid Ulster council to supply brown bins to those residents who have been left in limbo since the time of the old Cookstown council.

"While every household was meant to receive a brown bin there where those households that missed out because they lived in hard to access areas but this will now be addressed in April.

Cllr Quinn added: "This decision will help not just those in Ardboe and my DEA but will affect those other households still waiting on brown bins."