Scramblers causing a nuisance at Inniscarn beauty spot

Scramblers investigated by police
Scramblers investigated by police

Scramblers are causing a nuisance in the picturesque Inniscarn Forest in the foothills of Slieve Gallion.

Police said they have received reports of off-roaders using scambling and quad bikes in the forest, near Desertmartin, endangering themselves and others.

“These vehicles are dangerous, they are not toys,” a police officer warned.

“Any people involved in using scramblers are asked to be very mindful of their safety and parents of children that are using these vehicles are asked to ensure that they are suitably equipped for them.

“No-one wants to be dealing with serious injuries, or worse, in their family.

“The use of such motorised vehicles as a leisure activity can be both exciting and fun however, if used inappropriately, this can be against the law in certain circumstances.

“Quads, and some scramblers, do not comply with Construction and Use Regulations and Vehicle Safety Standards and therefore are restricted to off-road use only. This does not mean that they can be driven anywhere off-road.

“These vehicles should only be driven on private land where the landowner has given permission and should not be driven on pavements, roads, public property or parks. Insurance and safety equipment must be complied with as well in order to drive these vehicles legally.

“Police have the power to seize these vehicles and will do so in an effort to ensure public safety.”