Exams helpline available as Mid Ulster students prepare for results

Exam results
Exam results

The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) has set up a dedicated examinations helpline.

The helpline offers advice and guidance for the thousands of students who are expecting their A-Level and GCSE results over the next fortnight.

The helpline will be in operation from 9am until 5pm, from Wednesday 13 August until Friday 29 August, however lines will open early at 7am on results days. Anyone with queries regarding CCEA’s examination results can call 028 9026 1260, email helpline@ccea.org.uk, or log onto the CCEA website www.ccea.org.uk to search for answers from the Frequently Asked Questions section.

CCEA Examinations Manager Michael Crossan commented:

Results day is an important time for students, their families and schools. At CCEA we would like to reassure all those awaiting results that there is help at hand should you need guidance or assistance. CCEA’s experienced staff will be providing a helpline service throughout the results period, operating from 13 to 29 August. This service can provide useful information to aid decision making about the next steps.

I would like to commend all students on the hard work and time spent preparing for and completing GCSE and A Level qualifications. I wish them every success with their future plans, whether they choose to go onto further study or employment.”

Helpline number: 028 9026 1260

Helpline email: helpline@ccea.org.uk

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm on weekdays (Thurs 14 Aug – Fri 29 Aug)

The helpline will open early at 7am on 14 August for A Level results and 21 August for GCSE results.