Exciting times for music school

EDINBURGH-based band Southern Tenant Folk Union are performing an exclusive workshop for Mid Ulster School of Music on Saturday 5th November at Mid Ulster School of Music.

Southern Tenant Folk Union are touring throughout Ireland in November with dates in the playhouse Derry on the 4Th November and the Island Arts Centre Lisburn on the 9th November. Their music is a mix of bluegrass, gospel, country, folk and pop.

Philip Aldred Chief Examiner for London College of Music will be flying in to visit the school on 25th November as a very special guest for Mid Ulster School of Music Prize giving night.

Fiona Donaghy Director of the School said: “As we are a professional organisation with highly qualified teachers it is important to maintain that level of excellence by giving our pupils the chance to have workshops and meet other professionals in the arts industry. This is an exciting opportunity for pupils to learn from other industry professionals and we hope to have more special guests coming to the school in the future.”

Mid Ulster School of Music’s patron is Northern Ireland Actress Olivia Nash.