Explicit video: Ardboe ‘woman’ Mrs Flood laments affect of flooding on her poor hens

Ardboe woman Mrs Flood has been taking the internet by storm with her ‘Lough Shore News’ interview on the devastating floods around Lough Neagh.

Her six hens, she said, are terrified of the water after their hen house became submerged under 11 inches of water - but at least the three ducks she keeps are enjoying it.

Mrs Flood is interviewed with one of her hens

Mrs Flood is interviewed with one of her hens

“The ducks were loving it but the hens were sitting as high up in the roost, frightened and scared,” Mrs Flood explained.

“The last time I’d seen them hens scared like that, I’d got them a new cock.”

Posted by Patsy O’Hagan, a local story teller, the video has already racked up around 3,000 views on Youtube.

And Mrs Flood had plenty to say about the crisis...