Facebook backlash to dog fouling in Magherafelt

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THE Mid Ulster Mail took to Facebook to guage what you - the public - think about dog fouling after we revealed further incidents at the public cemetery.

Some of those who responded said the issue of owners failing to clean up after their pets was widespread across the town.

Stephanie O’Neill: “MDC are always giving off about dogs fouling but have never once seen the dog warden at any of their public areas, or has anyone ever been fined by MDC for their dog fouling?

“People keep letting their dogs foul everywhere because they are irresponsible but also there is no deterrents.”

Shauna Stewart: “Yes. The town is a disgrace with dog foul.

“I jog out the Tobermore Road and Hospital road and have to spend my run dodging dog poo.

“I see people walking this route letting their dog foul and not lifting it.

“I challenged a man and it made little odds. He just ignored me.”

Denise Gordon “It’s time dog owners took responsibility for their pets.

“If dogs become a nuisance then the council should reconsider who is able to look after a dog.”

Stephen Catherwood: “With the congregating teenagers in that cemetery I wouldn’t be too hasty to blame the fouling all on dogs!

“The Meadowbank Road footpath and grass to the side of the footpath is particularly bad.

“The latter is dogs as I have seen owners stop with their dogs, look the other way, and then move on as if they haven’t seen them do anything!