Facebook photo forces Ballinderry man to lose nine stone


FOR one Mid Ulster man, 2014 will be year when he continues on a remarkable journey which has transformed his life.

Local man Paul Nevin 26, from Ballinderry has lost a staggering 9st and is still continuing his journey.

It began in 2013 when Paul seen a photo of himself on Facebook and thought “that’s it”.

He says, he had been trying to lose weight on and off for years but something clicked when he seen the photo.

Paul made very simple changes to his lifestyle that kick started his massive weight loss.

He started a low calorie diet and joined a local gym. “The important thing is to do exercise you enjoy, because if you don’t like it then you won’t do it, I only do what I can in the gym” he says.

He started mountain biking in Davagh Forest and has grown to love the sport.

“It’s my new obsession”, he laughs.

Fast food was his downfall which he bought for breakfast, lunch and dinner but now Paul has cut all junk from his diet.

He eats foods which are full of protein and low in calories, like eggs, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables.

There are times he says that he couldn’t stop himself from having a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate, but the important thing to remember is tomorrow is a new day, don’t let setbacks stop you.

Paul finds his inspiration from looking at other people’s progress stories and pictures, he finds confidence in knowing others are doing the same thing.

Paul feels like, he still has a long way to go but with the right motivation, “anyone can do it”.

The only thing that bothers him now is it’s hard to find clothes he likes as “all the popular sizes are gone!”

Paul shares his top tips for losing weight.

Take progress photos to show yourself how well you’re doing.

Keep a food diary to count your calories or use the app MyFitnessPal.

Find exercise you enjoy- walking, biking, swimming

Stick to low calorie food, even look at different brands as some are lower in calories than others.

Set achievable goals

Know that it’s possible and keep positive.

Get yourself into a routine

Find motivation that suits you, whether it be a slimming class or doing it yourself .