Facebook users back primary school pupil’s bid for Cookstown skate park

Skate park bid in Cookstown
Skate park bid in Cookstown
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A COOKSTOWN primary school pupil who is campaigning for a skate park in Cookstown, has won the backing of Facebook users on the Mid Ulster Mail’s page.

Stewart McMullan from Coagh and his friend Adam Steenson have drawn up petitions which they hope to circulate around shops in the town with a view to presenting it to Cookstown District Council.

They P7 pupils have already identified the old Tesco premises as a suitable site and they are hoping to get people involved in their campaign.

Stewart’s mum Alison, who is fully supporting the boys told the MAIL that the pair had been very pro-active in getting the petition together.

“They’ve been talking about this for six months and are really serious about getting a skate park in Cookstown. At the moment, the children are using the park at the Titanic Quarter which is an hour’s drive, so ideally it would be great to have something like this,” she said.

She also highlighted the fact that many parks are inhabited by young people who abuse it for drinking and socialising, so having a regulated skate park would mean that only those serious about the sport would use it.

“It’s a great idea too, to help get children active and to combat obesity,” she added.

In an ideal world the boys would like a park that could be used for BMX, skateboarding, mountain biking, rollerblading and riding scooters however, they realise that funding could be an issue.

Both boys hope to meet with local representatives to hand over their petition in the near future and have already identified a couple of possible locations that they would like to discuss with the council.

Principal of Cookstown Primary School, Mr Downing gave his support. “I am delighted to see our pupils taking the initiative, and giving up their own time, for an idea that clearly means a lot to them, it’s great to see young people involved in their community and should definitely be encouraged.”

Here are some of the comments posted on the Mid Ulster Mail Facebook page.

Susie Quinn: “Great idea, give the younger people an interest again and keep them fit.”

Michelle Trenchard: “Harrington good idea and will make use of some of the abandon areas round Cookstown.”

Adam Steenson: “Come on Cookstown District Council.”

Eanan Kerr: “Should of happened a long time ago.”

Kelly Muldoon: “Good idea would be good for the kids.”

Paula Vippykins Mcintyre: “I mind the one years ago.... was pure gutted we never got it. Doubt with all the extra redtape these days that its going to happen.. but defo will sign!!”

Linda Fields: “Great idea”