Family of Cookstown teenager Jordan Scott pay tribute to their ‘great wee boy’

Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott

The family of Cookstown 
teenager Jordan Scott, 
who passed away suddenly 
at his home on Sunday have paid tribute to their ‘great wee boy’.

Speaking on behalf of the entire family circle, Jordan’s grandmother Carol, his Auntie Susan and Uncle Ali spoke to the MAIL about Jordan and his love for life and sports.

Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott

Jordan’s grandmother spoke of his love of toy cars, and his passion for sports, including football both playing for Cookstown Youth, his school team and following his beloved Liverpool FC.

Carol said: “From a very young age, Jordan liked playing with toy cars. On one occasion his mum and him were going on holiday and they were going through the checkout. But before they left him his mum told him to pack some wee things he wanted to play with. He had his own wee case and when they were going through check in the man opened the case and there was over 300 cars in his wee rucksack. That was just him, he absolutely loved his toy cars. He was a just a 
lovely wee boy.”

Jordan’s auntie Susan added that Jordan loved the ‘Fast and the Furious’ films and often talked about when he was a big boy he was going to own one of the cars like in the films.

Like most young boys Jordan loved sweets and McDonald’s, that was his favourite treat. Carol spoke about how despite his illness, Jordan never let it get him down, he wanted to lead a normal life.

Carol said: “From he took his wee illness, the quality of life just wasn’t great for him, he took a lot of headaches and slept a lot when he took the turns. He had been ill for around 2 years. On Saturday he was just back at football he had a great day. He played really well at the match. This past fortnight hasn’t really been good for him, health wise but Saturday was a good day. He was very, very happy, his mummy said she hadn’t seen him as happy in a long time and of course he celebrated with a McDonald’s. He wanted so much to do well in his football. He was a great wee boy. He also enjoyed playing golf and tennis and just loved being active.”

Jordan was chosen to go to Florida with Dream Flight, a charity for sick children last July where he met Cliff Richard who sponsors the charity. Susan said: “He had a great time. He swam with the dolphins and even went on the big rides as he called them, he couldn’t wait to get telling his big cousins all about it. It was the holiday of a lifetime, and he made so many friends through it.”

The family described how Jordan touched everyone’s lives, right down to the doctors and nurses who treated him who like everyone has been very vexed by 
his passing..

The family said they also wanted to pay tribute to Jordan’s teachers who were so understanding throughout his illness, in particular Mr Kerr and Mr Hogg who the family said have been of 
‘great support’.

Cookstown High School Principal Graham Montgomery said: “It is with profound sadness and deep shock that the school community learned over the weekend of the death of Jordan. In the last year Jordan had struggled with his health. This was not easy for him and there must have been times when it really got him down, but he never let it get the better of him. He was positive and active, he displayed a passion for life which stands as an example to us all.”

He continued: “Jordan was popular with a lot of pupils in many year groups and so the sadness in school is felt throughout our community. He was passionate about football and only a few weeks ago he went on the school football trip to Manchester. It is truly tragic that his young life has ended with so much potential unfulfilled. We have a very strong sense that while he may have left us physically the memories that remain are good, happy memories. That is why he will be missed by the entire community of pupils and staff.”

Jordan is survived by his mother Samantha and 
father Jonathan.