Fancy owning your own island on Lough Neagh?

All 10 acres of Coney Island Flat could be yours for �20,000
All 10 acres of Coney Island Flat could be yours for �20,000

It’s not a Greek Island or a plot off Fiji, but in these parts its the closest thing a perspective island owner will get to their own slice of paradise.

Ten acres of prime [quiet] real estate in the middle of Lough Neagh - but it does have its very own inland jetty [for an additional cost] so you can get there and back.

And is said to be located in an area of quality wildfowling.

The Tyrone Estate agent that has been tasked with selling Coney Island Flat, has described it as: “A rare opportunity for the ardent sportsman to own their own sporting kingdom.”

And all for offers of just around £20,000.

For a sizeable patch of land on the UK’s biggest inland lake and the prospect of getting away from it all, we think that’s a bargain.

It is thought Coney Island Flat had previous connections with a local gun club and had once belonged to the Shaftesbury Estate.

Prospective purchasers may also buy a portion of land where the River Bann flows into Lough Neagh providing a quay for mooring boats.

It should be noted however that the jetty is subject to informal lettings and storage facilities for local fishermen.

To become Lord or Lady of your own little piece of heaven just contact JG Fleming LLP on 028 8225 0040, by email on or check out their website: