Farmer caught drink driving on way home from mart in Draperstown

Drink driving charge
Drink driving charge

A farmer stopped by police on his way home from a mart in Draperstown, has lost his licence for 14 months.

James Dominic Kelly (58), of Glenelly Road, Plumbridge, was also fined a total of £315 for driving while having consumed excess alcohol.

Kelly, who was said by his solicitor to have had “an impeccable driving record” was given permission to take part in the drink driving rehabilitation course, which may entitle him to a reduction in his period of disqualification.

A PPS lawyer told the court that police on mobile patrol spotted a van being driven in an erratic manner at Sixtowns Road around 4pm on April 25.

She said they followed the vehicle which speeded up and slowed down and was observed crossing the central white line on three occasions into oncoming traffic.

The lawyer said police stopped and spoke to Kelly who failed a preliminary breath test and was arrested and taken to Antrim custody suite, where an alcohol count of 81mg was obtained.

Admitting the offence Stephen Atherton, solicitor, said Kelly had stopped at a bar on his way home from the mart for two or three pints.

Mr Atherton said defendant had been driving for 41 years with an “impeccable record”, and the disqualification would have catastrophe consequences for his business.