‘Fed up’ with state of road at Broadfields

THE PEOPLE of Cookstown are ‘fed up’ with the lack of repairs on the road leading to one of the town’s biggest shopping venues.

Local MLA Ian McCrea has called for both the developers at Broadfields Retail Park and Roads Service to carry out urgent work.

Mr McCrea said he had received complaints from both motorists and constituents regarding its poor state of repair both on the road into the development leading to Tesco and also the mini roundabout.

“Following continued and persistent concerns raised with me in relation to the poor state of the road at the entrance from the Orritor Road towards Tesco, I felt it necessary to have these concerns voiced,” said Mr McCrea.

“This issue has been on-going for an unacceptable period of time and with continuing deterioration of this road and manholes beginning to sink, the people of Cookstown and visiting towns are rightly fed up with the lack of any action and the persistent ignoring of their demands for someone to make the necessary repairs.

“Having raised this with Roads Service on a number of occasions and making people aware of whose responsibility it actually is to fix the defects, it is fair to say that my constituents are not at all interested in who is responsible for the repair of this road and are only intent in getting it fixed in order to allow both motorists and pedestrians safe and unhindered access to the great provision of shops in this area.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Regional Development said: “The development road servicing the retail park is the responsibility of the developers and Roads Service is encouraging them to bring this road up to adoption standards. Roads Service has plans to resurface the stretch of road from Old Town Street to beyond Burn Road in early spring.”

It is understood that the work on Old Town Street to Burn Road is to begin soon after Christmas/New Year so as to avoid the roadworks embargo period.