Festival of Remembrance for Cookstown

COOKSTOWN Sons of William will be hosting their Annual Festival of Remembrance in the Royal British Legion Cookstown on Friday (October 26).

From 1914 to 1918 the majority of Europe found themselves in the grip of war, thousands of young men would lose their lives in a conflict that would become known as ‘the war to end all wars’.

Unfortunately, as we know this was not to be the case as 21 years later in 1939 the world went to war again and, as before, thousands lost their lives.

During both of these wars, men from all over Ireland were at the forefront. These wars were not exclusive to certain areas, as there was hardly a town or village that did not suffer some degree of loss.

While tribute is paid to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for King and country in these two great wars, homage must also be paid to those who gave their lives in other subsequent conflicts.

At this time tribute will also be paid to all those brave men and women who were killed and injured while fighting terrorism in the province for the past 30 years. The troops who are fighting daily in Afghanistan in a bid to bring some peace to that troubled area will also be honoured.

In order to acknowledge the tremendous debt people owe those who gave their lives, Cookstown Sons of William FB will be hosting the festival in the Royal British Legion Cookstown on Friday, October 26 commencing at 8pm sharp.

The band has decided to use the same format as last year with the concert more musical orientated. Various artists will pay tribute to the fallen heroes and acts taking part on the night include the host band Cookstown Sons Of William FB, Tamlaghtmore Silver Band, Blazin Bellows, with one more act to confirm their anntendance this week.

At the end of the musical part of the evening an Act of Remembrance will take place which will be carried out by local ministers. A solo piper and bugler will also take part as is tradition in these events.

The officers and members of Sons of William would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to this special event. Admission is £8 and tickets are available by contacting any band member or you can come along on the night and pay at the door.

A charity donation will be made from the proceeds of this event.